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I LOVE GERBILTEES.BIZ. Some people call me the gerbil lady! My 87 gerbils and I just Love love LOVE our gerbil tees. -
Love from Karen! And also Frankie, Glinda, Ermitrude, Tape Dispenser, Donovan, Ralph, Fooby-foo, Snooks, Poopie, Dan, Oliver, Hanglider, Wonder-Gerbil, Eyeball, Ulysses, Elizabeth, Michael Jackson, Victoria, Fuzzy Tater Tot, Goldie Hawn, Mortimer, Nicholas, Quimby, Sherlock, Peregrine: Destroyer of Worlds, and Bob.

"When I was in first grade, we had gerbils as a class pet. They ran around in their glass aquarium while we learned how to read and taught us about responsibility. We all took turns feeding them, taking them home on weekends, and cleaning their house. We brought them the paper tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls to chew on to keep their teeth healthy. There was a boy gerbil and a girl gerbil and they were in love and magically one day there was a little nest full of tiny pink baby gerbils. This was a revelation. We all spent hours watching them squirm around and nuzzle together and it was adorable. To celebrate this miracle of life, we decided to give Mr. and Mrs. Gerbil a special gift: an extra awesome giant paper tube, from the middle of a roll of drawing paper! They would work on it forever! Their teeth would be so happy! It would bring them closer together as a family! We placed the tube in their home and they were very grateful. We came to school the next morning, eager to see what they had done with the tube overnight. Our mistake was revealed. The tube rolled over onto the babies. I wear my gerbil tee in their honor every day. Thanks for allowing me a physical manifestation of the grief I still feel a little big every time I think about it. Goodnight sweet tiny pink baby gerbils, and angels sing you sweetly to your rest."

					Epilogue: Now I am a grown-up who has worked at a zoo and is a vegetarian. RIP baby gerbils and Mr. Brownie my baby chicken who got sold to a chicken farm. 

Due to a legal misunderstanding, our family had to move to a different state when my girls, Brianna and Katelynn, were in the 3rd and 2nd grades. Of course, everyone at their new school were totally into gerbils! So imagine my dismay when we went to our local Petco and found that Brianna was allergic to gerbils! My darlings had already been bullied and teased relentlessly to that point for not having gerbils! We were at our wits end!!
Then came to the rescue! I ordered Brianna and Katelynn a whole wardrobe of GerbilBiz tee-shirts and bought a tank and stuffed it with wood shavings. Now whenever their friends come over, we can just tell them the gerbils are sleeping, and because of the tee-shirts their friends never question their dedication to the gerbil cause!!! THANKS GERBILSTEE!!!

Fn Fact: Grbl T rly wrk s !!! 10 0% sfactin grntd QUALITY M RCHANDISE !!!

As a designer who runs a small boutique in Bellevue, I just want to say what a pleasant surprise it was to find a bulk supplier that keeps on top of the latest gerbil trends. These days, I can read about a hot new style in the trades and have fifty garments in my shop the next week - no holes or shoddy work on the seams.

1 out of 5 stars.
I soaked my gerbiltee in water for 5 minutes at 150 degrees. It tasted nothing like Gerbil. Would not recommend.

After the widely-publicized debacle that was, I had been skeptical that anyone could provide adequate, let alone high-quality, gerbil-related wearable merchandise at an affordable price.
I initially dismissed gerbiltees as another such fly-by-night organization, especially as they did not list 4XL as an available size. But after several glowing reviews from my comrades at the Gerbil Aficionado Forum, I put in a special request. I now proudly wear my shirt and hoodie daily, and have experienced little pilling, fletching, or combing. I heartily recommend this fine business.

I have been in the Army for 8 years, and wearing gerbiltees for five of them. That's right, I was on the ground floor of this endeavor early on. I can honestly say they are the best made and toughest articles of clothing I have ever worn. I have the same shirts that have survived multiple combat tours in Afghanistan. Having risen to the rank of Sergeant First Class, I also strongly recommend that the soldiers in my company buy a couple before we ship out. I've worn enough MILSPEC clothing to cover an Abrams and these shirts are the best. Buy one for yourself and for those you love. I swear by them.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I have enormous fingers. I am seeking alternative therapy treatment for the condition but in the meantime, I face the difficult task of how to keep my hands warm in the winter, since ordinary gloves do not fit me. I have tried wrapping t-shirts around my hands but this unfortunately leads to a startling decline in dexterity.
I was at a loss until a similarly-handed friend recommended GERBILTEEZ.BUIZNESS. I had been approaching the problem all wrong: rather than wrapping my hamburger-like hands in t-shirts, what I needed was miniature t-shirts for each of my fingers. GERBILTEES fit the bill perfectly. I ordered eleven as soon as I could and they have been great. My fingers are fat, warm, and dexterous.
Donny Smithfield-Whyte Tampa Bay, FL\\

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