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Gerbil Facts

  • Gerbils will thump the ground with their back feet and if you have more than one gerbil in a cage, they will all join in thumping together! Gerbils will thump when they are excited, happy, stressed or even bored and young gerbils will thump for no reason at all!
  • The general life span of a gerbil is between 2-3 years but both of my gerbils lived for 4 years!
  • Gerbils were first brought to the United States in 1949. They are small dessert-dwelling animals originally found in Europe, Asia, and Africa!
  • Fun fact: If your gerbil runs away, it is because you have done something bad. It will return to you when you are pure of heart.
  • Unlike other rodents the dad gerbil will help raise the pups after the mother gives birth, so there is no need to separate the pair when the babies are born.
  • Gerbils love to gnaw and their teeth keep growing throughout their entire lives!!
  • Fun fact: Between 20-50 percent of gerbils have epilepsy.
  • Gerbils can hop and jump and will race each other around their cage. They are very fast jumpers and if they get loose, you will have a hard time catching them!
  • A gerbils entire body is covered in fur, even its tail!
  • Gerbils are very inquisitive and will check out anything new!
  • In the wild, gerbils will roll themselves in the sand to make their fur shinier and smoother!
  • A gerbil's tail is long and detachable!!
  • DID YOU KNOW that the gerbil's scientific name, Gerbillus gerbillus, means gerbil?
  • Fun fact: Gerbils are perfectly capable of chewing through those metal mesh covers on the tops of their cages, but they choose not to escape because they love you.

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