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Caring for Your Gerbil

"Its true what they say. Gerbils are not for the Faint of Heart. Gerbils may be Beautiful, but they're delicate and fussy. Gerbils are pernicious. Gerbils are Capricious, and they only drink the real kind of Champaigne. Some would say their high-maintenance, others would say that their the Ride of your Life. To have a gerbil is to know transendance. To take indulgence by the Horns and Ride it into a sunset-glazed Spanish villa and make sweet love to it on the floor next to an infinity pool shaped like a Gerbil. To put it succintly: gerbils require alot of care, but there going to care you right back!!!"
-Dana and Rich Heldman

The Most important thing to know when caring For Your Gerbil is that Gerbils they are WILD ANIMALS. DO NOT UNDER ANY circumstances place your finger in the mouth of the gerbil playfully for it may bite the finger causing bleeding. The Gerbils mouth is for food and if the Gerbil approaches you for friendly petting IT seeks the attention you can provide, But you should not provoke it.

Gerbils they eat lots of leafed greens such as lettuces kales cabbages and other Greens. Make sure to wash these Gerbil greens because pesticides can Harm your Gerbil. Occasionally the Gerbil may seek a crunchy vegetable such as a Carrot. It is OK to give the Gerbil crunchy foods such as a Carrot because it does enjoy the crunch of it. Also make sure your Gerbil has lots of Fresh Water preferably in a bottle that is cleaned often and is always refilled. If you do go on vacation do NOT leave your Gerbil with lots of food because the Gerbil it cannot ration, have a friend come to feed Your Gerbil and also to water. Also the Gerbil might like a seed snack and you can buy it a seed snack at a Petstore such as Petco or Pet Smart in the Aisle "For Gerbils".

For Sleeping the Gerbil prefers a soft bedding such as a Cotton or a Sawdust or a Shredded Paper bedding. It may make a nest, this is ok because the Gerbil in nature will burrow and nest.

For Playtime the Gerbil likes tubes and huts and also a wheel. Make sure the Gerbil has soft woods where it may nibble or gnash to ensure the maintenance and not overgrowing of the teeth. If you get your Gerbil a companion it may like this, make sure that it is a same gender Companion to AVOID REPRODUCING of Gerbils.

Clean the cage REGULARLY for hygiene and maintenance of scents/odor. If you do not clean the cage THOROUGHLY removing the wastes and replacing the Bedding and cleaning the bottle it may grow a mold and become foul which can spread diseases to harm you children Gerbil or adjacent pets.

Meet our model Vachebo. Vachebo is here to teach you a thing or two abour caring for your gerbil!

What's my favorite food?
Gerbil's favorite food is seeds! They also like fruits and nuts and ice creme!
How should you clean me?
Gerbils like Vachebo are very tidy! That means you have to clean them less than inferior pets like hampsters and nasty rats. Clean your gerbil's cage once a week with disfectant. If you keep your pets in a Gerbilarium, clean it every two or three weeks. If they use one area of there home as a potty, clean it more.
What's in my shopping cart?
  • Vachebo loves to shop. Here's what you should get with Vachebo:
  • A shirt!
  • Hamster cage or gerbilarium
  • Woodshavings
  • Gerbil food
  • Food bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Tubes and wooden toys
  • Gnawing sticks or chews
  • Gerbil treats like cous cous
  • Cage disfectant
  • Alot of book on gerbils
Vachebo, do you like cats?
At first, Vachebo didnt like Cats, but if you want your Cat and Gerbil to be freinds, just put them in a room together for awhile.

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